Gambian Brother in Christ Buba in need of help.

I have personally spoke to and seen Brother Bubas Village through live video conferencing over the years.

I have spent maybe a couple years attempting to work with Gambia Churches and their sister organizations across the globe, to no avail.

I do not have non profit status, and I do not have State Department permission to solicit funds for people in The Gambia.

Brother Buba is Christian orphan youth with younger siblings and a surviving Grandmother who is very sick seeking medical attention.

I personally am in great debt before and more so since my stroke.

In America, I got treated by the Doctors and they just give me a bill to pay.

Whereas in Gambia, Brother Buba’s Grandmother cannot be treated until the family pays up front? Is my understanding.

His grandmothers bill is nominal in US Dollars maybe less than $300 US. But don’t quote me on the exact currency exchange.

Please follow and help Brother Buba on Instagram.

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