Previously, jesus-works.com was the blog of my meditation on the Word of God in my life experiences.

His Word meeting my life, keeping me seeking Him first, with all of me, continually.

I prefer my posts wholly Word, connecting themes of His Spirit to each other in my consumption of His Word.

Sometimes personal reflections and circumstances at time of post are included.

My desire is His Word, His Whole Word, and Nothing besides His Word.

My desire is Him, The Way, The Truth, The Life.

Help me G-d, Thank You Father, in Jesus Name! Amen!


My name is David, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. Born a second time in the Spirit of God, April 2017.

Walking dead the past 40 years, I was introduced to God and Jesus Christ throughout the years in formal Catholic, Luthern, and non-denominational Christian elementary and middle school programs.

Despite being brought up in His Holy Word, I had not produced fruit of His Spirit.

Instead, I lived a common existence. Is that living? Or still walking dead?

Roaming from one sin to another sin, albeit some times being considered a good person in the eyes of people.

Embodying, the moral desire to achieve the American Dream, but scorning G-d’s guidance, wisdom, and understanding.

I fought from an unincorporated suburban ghetto of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area identified by the surrounding cities as a cesspool.

From nothing, from family, from good friends, I contributed to lives and also broke lives, living a broken life myself. I burned too many bridges and lost many dear friends.

Dropping out of the University of California, relationships severed, maybe hitting 5 Figures once.

In 2004, prompted by my grandfather, I began afresh migrating to Southern California

Living with my uncles family, after many failures, I decided to catch up and grow up fast at 28 years old. Beginning a trade, enrolling in ongoing trade education and seeking God.

Reading the Bible and attending different community churches, bible classes, even baptized, I still produced no fruit of the Spirit and still walked dead in sin, again being considered a good person in peoples eyes.

Excelling in career, I met my wife. We married, and started a family of our own. Realizing parts of the American Dream, making 6 Figures, new home, new cars, enrolling in Bachelors program for Trade Engineering. What did I not have?

What I didn’t have and didn’t know I was missing.

Is the personal relationship between the Creator of the Heavens and Earth, God and myself.

Fast forward to April 2017…

I am delivered, made free, by His Precious Blood Sacrifice He Made For the World.

In Jesus name, Amen!

To be continued…