The mission of Jesus-Works.com is empowering the disciples of Jesus Christ!

Restoring our Blood Bought Birthrights through the Word of God!

Reading His Word a loud, speaking His Word with our tongues, planting His Word in our hearts.

In faith, His Holy Spirit washing ourselves with His Holy Word.  His redeemed by His Precious Blood.

Speaking His Word, His Life, His Kingdom over ourselves, our families, our communities, our nations, our world!

Join with Jesus-Works.com and read His Word daily!

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Currently, Jesus-Works.com publishes daily calendar readings from the 1611 King James Bible.  The calendar also cycles the psalms monthly, as I am learning more that is like reading a psalter, also.

The King James Bible is in the Public Domain (from my understanding, where I reside in United States,) allowing me to publish the scripture in total.

If allowed by publishers I would love to have other renderings on Jesus-Works.com.

Jesus-Works.com also publishes the weekly Diaspora Torah portion readings “in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading” as posted from Hebrew Calendar hebcal.com using Hebrew Calendar links to the Torah at sefaria.org.

Previously, jesus-works.com publishes His Word daily, using the 1611 King James Calendar of readings KJV1611, using the daily readings of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and using weekly Diaspora Torah readings as posted from Hebrew Calendar hebcal.com.

Also posted are Wednesday and Sunday services from the local church I attend, worship audio and video posts from worship artists in Christ, occasional posts from other saints websites/blogs that edify, encourage, and comfort me, and occasional posts on my meditation in His Word.

Previously, jesus-works.com was the blog of my meditation on the Word of God in my life experiences.

More about me at Jesus Works…


This page under construction and last updated 12/28/2018

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