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Welcome to this page where I have compiled verses from the sermons of the church Worship Center I attend.

Word Power Series 2017

Faith 101 Series 2016



I am revisiting these confessions and “catching up,” to my church, by visiting sermons messages prior to attending. So many series are not complete. Compilations in progress. These compilations are really for my growth, these edify my spirit. I post them that they may also edify yours.

I began compiling the sermon verses together, inspired from my first in person visit to service.

See notes on gift bag image below.


So these notes were taken my first visit to service.

That Wednesday night I learned to consume the Word of G-d, like medicine, vitamins. I have understood this as The Bread of G-d, Jesus, every Word that proceeds from G-d’s mouth.

So in making “hit list” verses, verses to hit (visit) at least 3 times daily. I began using the verses from service as my “hit list” confessions.

And then my confessions just progressed to His Word, in chapters, etc…

I had not opened the visitors gift bag during service, because I did not want to be distracted from message/sermon.

After service, upon opening gift bag, I found this notepad inside, along with a pen and highlighter!


So I am uploading the verses from sermons I compiled, that they may help anyone as they have helped me. Literally, His Word, Jesus, giving us Life! Through Him, The Word of G-d!