October 1611 Ecclesiastical Calendar Readings at Prayers

DaySpecial*PsalmsMorning Prayer
First Lesson
Evening Prayer
First Lesson
1Remigius.1Tobit Chapter 5Mark 4Tobit Chapter 61 Corinthians 16
22Tobit Chapter 7Mark 5Tobit Chapter 82 Corinthians 1
33Tobit Chapter 9Mark 6Tobit Chapter 102 Corinthians 2
44Tobit Chapter 11Mark 7Tobit Chapter 122 Corinthians 3
55Tobit Chapter 13Mark 8Tobit Chapter 142 Corinthians 4
6Faith.6Judith Chapter 1Mark 9Judith Chapter 22 Corinthians 5
77Judith Chapter 3Mark 10Judith Chapter 42 Corinthians 6
88Judith Chapter 5Mark 11Judith Chapter 62 Corinthians 7
9Dennis.9Judith Chapter 7Mark 12Judith Chapter 82 Corinthians 8
1010Judith Chapter 9Mark 13Judith Chapter 102 Corinthians 9
1111Judith Chapter 11Mark 14Judith Chapter 122 Corinthians 10
12Sol in Scorpio.12Judith Chapter 13Mark 15Judith Chapter 142 Corinthians 11
13Edward.13Judith Chapter 15Mark 16Judith Chapter 162 Corinthians 12
1414Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 1Luke 1.1 – 40Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 22 Corinthians 13
1515Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 3Luke 1.41 – 80Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 4Galatians 1
16Novembris.16Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 5Luke 2Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 6Galatians 2
17Etheldrede.17Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 7Luke 3Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 8Galatians 3
18Luke Evangelist.18Ecclesiasticus Chapter 51Luke 4Job 1Galatians 4
1919Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 9Luke 5Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 10Galatians 5
2020Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 11Luke 6Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 12Galatians 6
2121Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 13Luke 7Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 14Ephesians 1
2222Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 15Luke 8Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 16Ephesians 2
2323Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 17Luke 9Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 18Ephesians 3
2424Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 19Luke 10Ecclesiasticus Chapter 1Ephesians 4
25Crispine.25Ecclesiasticus Chapter 2Luke 11Ecclesiasticus Chapter 3Ephesians 5
2626Ecclesiasticus Chapter 4Luke 12Ecclesiasticus Chapter 5Ephesians 6
27Fast.27Ecclesiasticus Chapter 6Luke 13Ecclesiasticus Chapter 7Philippians 1
28Simon and Jude.28Job 24 Job 25Luke 14Job 42Philippians 2
2929Ecclesiasticus Chapter 8Luke 15Ecclesiasticus Chapter 9Philippians 3
3030Ecclesiasticus Chapter 10Luke 16Ecclesiasticus Chapter 11Philippians 4
31Fast.30Ecclesiasticus Chapter 12Luke 17Ecclesiasticus Chapter 13Colossians 1
October 1611 Ecclesiastical Calendar Readings at Prayers

*The list of saints’ days and festivals includes a number of the Romish holidays, properly so called,…

The Holy Bible, conteyning the Old Testament, and the New. Imprinted at London : By Robert Barker …, 1611. In Annenberg Rare Book and Manuscript Library. BS185 1611 .L65. http://sceti.library.upenn.edu/permissions.cfm