November 1611 Ecclesiastical Calendar Readings at Prayers

DaySpecial*PsalmsMorning Prayer
First Lesson
Evening Prayer
First Lesson
1All Saints.1Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 3Hebrews 11 Hebrews 12Wisdom of Solomon Chapter 5Revelation 19
22Ecclesiasticus Chapter 14Luke 18Ecclesiasticus Chapter 15Colossians 2
33Ecclesiasticus Chapter 16Luke 19Ecclesiasticus Chapter 17Colossians 3
44Ecclesiasticus Chapter 18Luke 20Ecclesiasticus Chapter 19Colossians 4
5Papists conspiracy.5Ecclesiasticus Chapter 20Luke 21Ecclesiasticus Chapter 211 Thessalonians 1
6Leonard.6Ecclesiasticus Chapter 22Luke 22Ecclesiasticus Chapter 231 Thessalonians 2
77Ecclesiasticus Chapter 24Luke 23Ecclesiasticus Chapter 251 Thessalonians 3
88Ecclesiasticus Chapter 27Luke 24Ecclesiasticus Chapter 281 Thessalonians 4
99Ecclesiasticus Chapter 29John 1Ecclesiasticus Chapter 301 Thessalonians 5
1010Ecclesiasticus Chapter 31John 2Ecclesiasticus Chapter 322 Thessalonians 1
11S.Martine.11Ecclesiasticus Chapter 33John 3Ecclesiasticus Chapter 342 Thessalonians 2
12Sol in Sagit.12Ecclesiasticus Chapter 35John 4Ecclesiasticus Chapter 362 Thessalonians 3
13Brice.13Ecclesiasticus Chapter 37John 5Ecclesiasticus Chapter 381 Timothy 1
14Decembris.14Ecclesiasticus Chapter 39John 6Ecclesiasticus Chapter 401 Timothy 2 1 Timothy 3
15Machute.15Ecclesiasticus Chapter 41John 7Ecclesiasticus Chapter 421 Timothy 4
1616Ecclesiasticus Chapter 43John 8Ecclesiasticus Chapter 441 Timothy 5
17Hugh Bishop.17Ecclesiasticus Chapter 45John 9Ecclesiasticus Chapter 46 1-191 Timothy 6
1818Ecclesiasticus Chapter 47John 10Ecclesiasticus Chapter 482 Timothy 1
1919Ecclesiasticus Chapter 49John 11Ecclesiasticus Chapter 502 Timothy 2
20Edmund King.20Ecclesiasticus Chapter 51 John 12Baruch Chapter 12 Timothy 3
2121Baruch Chapter 2John 13Baruch Chapter 32 Timothy 4
22Cecilia§22Baruch Chapter 4John 14Baruch Chapter 5Titus 1
23Clement§23Baruch Chapter 6 or Letter of Jeremiah Chapter 1John 15Isaiah 1Titus 2 Titus 3
2424Isaiah 2John 16Isaiah 3Philemon
25Katherine§25Isaiah 4John 17Isaiah 5Hebrews 1
2626Isaiah 6John 18Isaiah 7Hebrews 2
2727Isaiah 8John 19Isaiah 9Hebrews 3
2828Isaiah 10John 20Isaiah 11Hebrews 4
29Fast.29Isaiah 12John 21Isaiah 13Hebrews 5
30Andrew Apostle.30Proverbs 20Acts 1Proverbs 21Hebrews 6
November 1611 Ecclesiastical Calendar Readings at Prayers

*The list of saints’ days and festivals includes a number of the Romish holidays, properly so called,…

The Holy Bible, conteyning the Old Testament, and the New. Imprinted at London : By Robert Barker …, 1611. In Annenberg Rare Book and Manuscript Library. BS185 1611 .L65.