September 1611 Ecclesiastical Calendar Readings at Prayers

DaySpecial*PsalmsMorning Prayer
First Lesson
Evening Prayer
First Lesson
1Giles.1Hosea 13Matthew 2Hosea 14Romans 2
22Joel 1Matthew 3Joel 2Romans 3
33Joel 3Matthew 4Amos 1Romans 4
4Dog days end.4Amos 2Matthew 5Amos 3Romans 5
55Amos 4Matthew 6Amos 5Romans 6
66Amos 6Matthew 7Amos 7Romans 7
7Enurchus bishop.7Amos 8Matthew 8Amos 9Romans 8
8Nativity of Mary.8ObadiahMatthew 9Jonah 1Romans 9
99Jonah 3Matthew 10Jonah 4Romans 10
1010Micah 1Matthew 11Micah 2Romans 11
1111Micah 3Matthew 12Micah 4Romans 12
12Sol in Libra.12Micah 5Matthew 13Micah 6Romans 13
1313Micah 7Matthew 14Nahum 1Romans 14
14Holy cross.14Nahum 2Matthew 15Nahum 3Romans 15
15Equinox.15Habakkuk 1Matthew 16Habakkuk 2Romans 16
16Autumnal.16Habakkuk 3Matthew 17Zephaniah 11 Corinthians 1
17Lambert.17Zephaniah 2Matthew 18Zephaniah 31 Corinthians 2
1818Haggai 1Matthew 19Haggai 21 Corinthians 3
1919Zechariah 1Matthew 20Zechariah 2 Zechariah 31 Corinthians 4
20Fast.20Zechariah 4
Zechariah 5
Matthew 21Zechariah 61 Corinthians 5
21Saint Matthew.21Ecclesiasticus Chapter 35Matthew 22Ecclesiasticus Chapter 381 Corinthians 6
2222Zechariah 7Matthew 23Zechariah 81 Corinthians 7
2323Zechariah 9Matthew 24Zechariah 101 Corinthians 8
2424Zechariah 11Matthew 25Zechariah 121 Corinthians 9
2525Zechariah 13Matthew 26Zechariah 141 Corinthians 10
26Cyprian.26Malachi 1Matthew 27Malachi 21 Corinthians 11
2727Malachi 3Matthew 28Malachi 41 Corinthians 12
2828Tobit Chapter 1Mark 1Tobit Chapter 21 Corinthians 13
29Saint Michael.29Ecclesiasticus Chapter 39Mark 2Ecclesiasticus Chapter 441 Corinthians 14
30Jerome.30Tobit Chapter 3Mark 3Tobit Chapter 41 Corinthians 15
September 1611 Ecclesiastical Calendar Readings at Prayers

*The list of saints’ days and festivals includes a number of the Romish holidays, properly so called,…

The Holy Bible, conteyning the Old Testament, and the New. Imprinted at London : By Robert Barker …, 1611. In Annenberg Rare Book and Manuscript Library. BS185 1611 .L65.

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