life lost


He came for sinners

am i preferring saints

do i murder my brother, my sister, my mother

seed spilt

slaughtering seed

sacrificing firstborns

not like Father Abraham by faith a promise from G-d to restore

not like Father G-d, restoring humanity to Himself by His resurrected Son

more like sacrifices to Molech, throwing away

lifting the stone, lifting the sword, blood cries out from the earth

killing what G-d is fearfully and wonderfully making

is my concsious seared

let me not grieve Your Spirit

all sins will be forgiven

what is the saints hope

how much longer o L-rd

how much more blood

But You G-d, Your Blood covers, Your Love covers, Your Blood cleans, washes

i lay down Father, i stand down Father, wash my feet Jesus, wash me o so clean

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