Word of God

non theological pondering

You Are The Son of G-d, Jesus, Creator, without You nothing was made

we are your Body, resurrected from our sin self, born anew through You, baptized in Your Holy Ghost

You and Your Twelve

the son of perdition lost only

now here i am one sheep out of many following my Shepards voice, through Your gates, the straight, the narrow, the Way, the Truth, The Life

metaphorically pondering, if that is the correct terms, You know my grades in English and Language Arts

i must die to myself, die to my flesh, surrender my sin nature will, to Yours Holy, Holy, Holy

would it be analogous since now You Are Alive in me, that humanly speaking for me, my sin nature was my archetype of Your real Judas Iscariot

that is my sin nature will betray Your Holy Spirit

different though, because my sin nature betraying You, does nothing (something not) for the sake of the world

my sin betraying You in me without You ever i am lost and dead

Your Holy Spirit, You alive in me can do something for the sake of the world, the Gospel has an additional laborer

G-d Bless You G-d, G-d Bless You Jesus, G-d Bless Your saints

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