Tedashii – This Song’s For You

“This Song’s For You”

[Verse 1:]

9 years old gettin dropped off at sunday school

Class clownin with my boyz I jus wana be kool

See, I grew up thinkin that church was for the preacher

Until I met brothers who wanted to reach us and teach us

How to study our bibles to see what it means

And show Christianity isn’t just about what it brings

But sadly there was some who lived opposite of scripture

Christians to the public who muddy up the picture

Cause for too long cats like Kelz and Mase been the spokesmen

All the while the public see us a joke man

So this song is for the true shepherds

Who prove selfless, whose aim is to aid the true helpless

How many brothers like Spergan and Piper,

Tom Nelson, John Edwards, brothers who make disciples

Those because of Ezekiel 34 shepherd the flocks as a true pastor of the Lord


Let’s here it one for the pastors and preachers,

Those who was burnin to teach us just so they can reach us

And two for big momma Madea, granny Mae, all those who would pray us through the faith

And three for the crowd of many witnesses

Who stood for the faith and paved the way so we could witness this

Kingdom people this songs for you, kingdom people this songs for you, so let’s go

[Verse 2:]

I was a hard-head growin up in Buzzeroot Texas

Where the girls would stand stacked and the men would plexes,

But nobody seems to care so my cousins was reckless

But for moms and madea that was more than what’s expected

From their perspective, life wasn’t over

They all had a sense of hope that was based on Jehovah

And more over, they knew the life to come,

They had a love for the people based on Christ the son

And as I write this song, I can remember many times I left home

Momma cryin just wishin I had tried

Well I tried it momma, and I kept it too, I praise God for Madea that was prayin me through

Thank you Miss Luke, Momma Grant, and Aunt Jessey Mae,

Momma, all those who was prayin through the faith

This is for you, and no one in the world can compare to ya

To me Madea is more than a Tyler Perry character


[Verse 3:]

There are those that have gone on, and gone home,

To worship at the throne but their lives live on

It’s the presidence of faith that gives the evidence of faith

Exhorting residence of grace that lay aside every weight that hinders our race

True examples from the Father

That even if we’re martyred, our faith shall never falter

I pray that we trust in the Father like Jacob and Joseph

True faith hall of famers like David and Moses

And I praise God for our present day models

From the Columbine daughters to my spiritual fathers

I thank you God for the highly Kenan Lecraen show

Godly men as an example of which to go

And to the sisters I see ya’ll holdin it down, standin firm for the faith like lightpoles in the ground

This song is dedicated to all ya’ll whos true

Kingdom people let’s go this songs for you


“And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭11:39-40‬ ‭KJV‬‬

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