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the young escape: good life [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Published on Oct 19, 2017

hey guys, we’re excited for you to hear our debut single, “good life,” text us and let us know if you like it: 949-356-5074

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ryan, mckenna, kyrsten, and luke


how did I ever get this far

after all I’ve been through still You hold my heart

how did You pull me through the dark

if it weren’t for You the healing couldn’t start

never knew I could find peace

until You found me

showed me who I could be

and now I know that …

this is the good life

never look back, wouldn’t trade it for

a day in my old life

never look back ‘cause I know that You are

always with me

I got You, I know You got me

this is the good life

You gave me the good life

I always thought that I’d be fine

chasing all the things that left me dead inside

You gave me the truth when I had lies

showed me You’re the only one who satisfies

You gave me something I could finally believe

You gave me something that was way beyond me

I’m finally living with a heart that is free

out of the dark right where You want me to be

and now I know that …

copyright Capitol CMG Label Group

BOOKING: William Morris Endeavor infocmg@wmeentertainment.com 615-963-3000

Standard YouTube License

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