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to be fair not in a vacuum

so as i think back the past year of where i am at and how did i get here

last july 2017, 3 months after being saved for maybe 3 weeks i do not have it stored in my memory

i helped my family clean out trash and work on inventorying my deceased grandfathers trust (hoard collectible/antique collections)

that trust is in intense bitter legal disputes of which i am removed

performing that therapeutic work for me with Gods Word, regarding worshipping Creator versus created, and God admonishing us not to store riches on earth but in Heaven

is probably why i felt so strongly past year regarding selling my possessions, yet in that acceptance of performing what was on my heart which i assume was Gods direction, in that i feel complete peace…

for what it is worth, i usually live in the now with the future in front of me, neglecting to remember the past even so close behind

maybe i will get help with that too

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