word blog

to Him, my Salvation, my Creator

is it with the pen

that many of us readers write

to express to the outside what is in our sight

alas those outside cannot see in

even when i think i pen

so maybe if i step outside

and look inside to see

what others see of me

maybe than i can express with pen

what i see inside of me

o it is beautiful what i see

but as time passes walls are built

to protect our hearts from hurt

when all along we share the same pain

lost in ourselves with no escape

yet to peek inside another to see if they have found a way

i have dear friend, found that way, that escape

He freed me from it all, the love, the pain, the hate

to show me i have never been alone

He has been with me all along

Creator wanting me to step up my game

to help the other do the same

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