It Happened In The FOLLOWING…

Marred in the Master's hands

(15) But when Jesus  knew it, he withdrew himself from thence: and great multitudes followed him,and he healed them all; ( Matthew 12:15 KJV) 

Something has been on my heart lately. It seems that everywhere that I turn. Whether it’s a fellow blogger or something I see on the television. I hear people talking about sickness and diseases.  It’s everything from depression and anxiety. To addictions and hopelessness. Sometimes what we are battling against  can seem so much bigger than God. It saddens me when I read another blogger who doesn’t have a relationship with God struggling with  depression or not knowing who God has created them to be.  Here is what I have learned and I pray that you learn as well.  Healing happens in the following of God! The scripture says and great multitudes  followed him,  and he healed them all. A multitude is simply just a large…

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