I BELIEVE – ft Crystal Yates

I BELIEVE – ft Crystal Yates




Published on Jun 18, 2018

“This song is dedicated to those who struggle with drug addiction and those who love someone who is an addict. There IS hope, and I believe that with all my heart” – Crystal Yates

You and your promises I fear are lost at sea

Drifting all alone and far away from me

One day you’ll roll back like a wave upon the sand

Crash in like the ocean and wash up on dry land

I believe, I believe

An undertow of truth is rising from beneath

You cannot escape it cause the lies brought you so deep

Go on try and ford it and see how far you get

One day love will claim you and catch you in it’s net

I believe, I believe

I’m throwing out a bottle with a message inside

Stand up straight, walk upright

Quit living off the bottom of the dirty floor

Come on, Come on, what you waiting for

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