Truth Matters with Doug

Got to spend time with Brother in Christ Doug To Day, we have fellowshipped over the years when he takes me home or picks me up for my work vehicle maintenance and repairs.

He is an older saint, and has written many one page articles over the years on how Jesus Christ impacts him.

He share these photocopies of his articles with many people he comes across in his walk, when they receive during fellowshipping with him.

He shared 3 with me today. When he reads them aloud, and testifies of God, it is most edifying and encouraging.

I have posted the 3 as adobe pdfs, he gave me today with his permission.

I look forward to posting all he has.

O to get his voice recorded as he reads would also be a treat!

Photo of He lives in us…

Read his 3 articles by visiting link below on

Truth Matters with Doug

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