Church History, Truth Matters with Doug



Church History

In the life of a Christian, the most important goal is to find to do the will of God.

God’s will is found through prayer and the study of his word through the individual insights given by the Holy Spirit and through wise counsel.

And there is yet another important way to help our lives and that is to discern and learn from history.

The Bible contains the story of Christ.

The church exists to tell the story of Christ.

Church history is a continuation of Bible history.

Church people ought to be familiar with at least the elementary facts of church history.

It is impossible to understand the present condition of Christendom except in the light of history.

But, alas, ignorance of church history is more widespread than ignorance of the Bible.

I believe it is the duty of ministers to teach their people the facts of church history, for we are accountable to God for teaching and preaching.


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