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i cannot stand on anything but Him

second by second led like sheep to the slaughter

40 years running from Him, running from His Love, running into Him, running into His Love

do i agree with my adversary quickly before going before the judge and being hauled off and to complete my entire sentence

i agree Father, You Were, You Are, You Will Always Be Holy, Righteous, Correct, Wise

yet i receive Your Mercy, Your Love still

do i extend such gifts as my Father, Yes Father, Yes Father, Yes Father

i bruised myself, i beat myself, i sinned against my flesh, i sinned against Your Holy Temple

yet You Rebuild New everywhere, all things

old passes away, only You Remain, Your Word, Your Holiness

Blessed be the G-d of Israel, the G-d of Heavens Hosts, the First and Last, Holy G-d

forgive us our sins against You and You alone

grant us Your Love that we may Love our neighbors

not my conception of love, to satisfy any understanding in me

Your Love, Your Mercy, Your Long-suffering, Your Spirits Fruit

G-d Bless You G-d, G-d Bless Your Son Jesus

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