Dr Frank Seekins ‘A Mighty Warrior’ 1

Dr Frank Seekins ‘A Mighty Warrior’ 1


Published on Mar 15, 2015

2013 Zikron (Rememberance) Conference

Saturday May 25, 2013

El Shaddai Ministries is a Hebrew Roots Resource and Teaching Ministry. Our congregation is faithful to salvation in Jesus (Yeshua) by grace through faith as revealed in the Torah.


One comment

  1. We would like to be able to personally meet with you, and discuss your book. As we would like permission to use it in a personal messianic testimonial book. As your book had monumental impact for the personal testimony. We would so appreciate having time with you to discuss your book. We live in Fountain Hills Az.
    Thanking you in advance for your precious time.
    Heather Frykberg and Dawn Reaves

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