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Spheres of Influence

i was physically born in the Santa Cruz (Holy Cross) mountains by an Hebrew midwife husband and wife team

and raised under the influence of the San Francisco Oakland Berkeley Metropolitan Bay Area for 26 years

my family moved many times throughout the bay area

when i was 11 years old my family settled in contra costa (against the coast) county

I was educated in Diablo Valley (the Valley of the Devil) under the Mount Diablo (Devil Mountain) Unified School District

My high school Mount Diablo High School, mascot Red Devil

My community college Diablo Valley College

i moved to Los Angeles (The City of Angels) in 2001 and again in 2004

i share this with you my dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

if this assists you in any way, understanding why, I can not ever let go of my Salvations hand, and why I must not stop declaring His Holy Word over my life,

I have 43 years of filthy fleshy baggage washed by His Blood, His Word

redeeming me from death

me redeeming time in Him

in His Love,


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